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Atlassian Challenges Slack with Stride

March 09, 2018

Slack has a new competitor in the form of Atlassian.

You may not be familiar with the name Atlassian. But, you’ve probably heard about the company’s popular HipChat workflow app.

Atlassian bought HipChat in 2012. And this tool has been used by such well-known and innovative companies as Expedia, Tesla, and Uber.

Now Atlassian has Stride, a competitor to team collaboration app Slack. Stride expands on HipChat and can serve as a central command hub for employee communications.

It enables users to move between chat and videconferencing in one app. And it allows users to assign tasks, enjoy free video calling, and prioritize messages.

Oji Udezue, head of product at Atlassian, gave a presentation at the recent ITEXPO. During his keynote at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, event he said: “The secret ingredient is the freedom to focus.”

By that he meant that it’s important to strike a balance between team collaboration and personal productivity. He explained Stride starts with team messaging, which is preferable to email at providing shared context. As noted earlier, Stride also enables users to easily launch and conduct video meetings.

Plus, Stride helps organizations manage their workflow. Users can mark select communications as Action items, add a notation about a Question, or note an Update. This labeling enables them to easily find things later.

And Atlassian enables organizations to implement its solutions in the way that make sense for them.

“Using Atlassian software as a service through our cloud offerings is not the only way Atlassian customers are taking teamwork to new heights with cloud computing,” the company explains. “More and more customers are choosing to deploy Atlassian tools using infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers: 62% of Atlassian’s self-hosted customers are choosing to deploy their applications on a virtual architecture.”

Edited by Mandi Nowitz