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Conferencing Week in Review: Revolabs, Harman Kardon, P&S Market Research
What a week it was for conferencing! This rapidly-growing field that allows us all to make better connections regardless of where we are physically has given us lots of new opportunities, and plenty of news to consider besides. Now that we've got a long holiday weekend on hand, let's take a step back and consider the wider implications of all this news, a process made simpler with our Week in Review coverage!

Upcoming Report Reflects Massive Growth of UC Market
The movement toward unified communications (UC) was inevitable in today's globalized economy, where businesses need reliable internal communication channels.

Video Conferencing Isn't Just For In-House Communications: Extend it To Sales and Marketing Efforts
So you've invested in a video conferencing platform: it's great for allowing employees at remote offices to meet in a more personal way, or to conduct training sessions. That's probably why you invested in it in the first place. But videoconferencing, which is becoming more affordable and flexible, thanks to cloud-based solutions, can be much more than a visual, live interoffice memo. Many companies are finding creative ways to use it in their sales and marketing efforts.

Now Hear This: Best Practices for Boosting Conferencing ROI
The area of conferencing and collaboration-especially the type that's wrapped into unified communications initiatives-is seeing a fresh wave of investment as companies both large and small look to boost productivity and efficiency.


Audio Device For All Environments
From desktops to conference rooms, the Revolabs FLX UC 500 sets the new audio standard for PC-based unified communications applications. Combining superior technology for speakers, microphones, and audio processing, the FLX UC 500 improves all aspects of audio handling for your communication needs and easily gives the “Best in Class” audio performance, changing the price / performance paradigm in this space. Specifically designed to be the audio solution for conference rooms, small offices and huddle rooms, the UC 500 offers new possibilities to use softphone applications for meetings and online collaboration. Learn More >


Product Showcase

Executive Elite

Executive Elite™
Best audio quality in boardroom-ready design. Executive Elite is designed to manage a 4 microphone installation the same way it handles several hundred of microphones. The feature rich product is designed for enterprise applications. Remote management and monitoring capabilities allow centralized or external management of microphone networks. A distributed architecture allows easy integration of wireless microphone environments into the corporate IT infrastructure. Learn More >

HD™ Single/Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System

YVC-1000 Unified Communications Microphone and Speaker System
The YVC-1000 is an intuitive unified communication audio solution for medium to large conference spaces that calls for flexible audio, web, or video conferencing.

The YVC-1000 features separate microphone and speaker units that smoothly integrate audio and video for natural, comfortable remote communication. The high performance, full range speaker unit can be placed close to the video display so that audio and video from the remote location blend naturally, while adaptive echo canceller and other Yamaha sound processing technologies facilitate stress-free conversation.

The YVC-1000 enables 5 distinct microphones to be daisy-chained together for clear communication by all meeting participants. The microphone daisy-chain also allows a larger meeting surface area to be covered for larger meetings and additional participants.
Learn More >


Designed specifically for small and mid-sized conference rooms, executive offices, and SoHo environments, the FLX wireless conference phone comprises several distinct components, giving users unprecedented freedom with respect to placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphones, and dial pad. Learn More >

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Basic Principles of Audio
Design in Conferencing

Basic Principles of Audio Design in Conferencing

The challenging duty of the sales person, engineer, or consultant, is to use scientific knowledge and previous practice to try to create a pleasant experience for all end users.

Featured Podcast

How often have you had a teleconference where—because of audio-related issues—you had difficulty in conducting an important meeting? Or in some cases, not even being able to make a clear connection at all? Curtiss Singleton, Director of Sales for the Americas at Revolabs, Inc., discusses conferencing solutions that not only provide unmatched audio quality, but ones that also “cut the cord”—giving you the freedom to move around the workspace. Doug Green, Publisher of Telecom Reseller, speaks with JP Carney, President and CEO of Revolabs, about the company, the importance of audio quality in UC, the compatibility of their products with various UC platforms, and their acquisition by Yamaha after one year. They discuss how clear audio for teleconferencing is the core element of true collaboration.

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