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Conferencing Week in Review: It's There, Use it!
As the leaves change color and the temperature cools, the conferencing space is steadily heating up with happenings. This was another week chock full in the Conferencing Zone, let's take a look at the week that was-it's time for the week in review!

Increased Smartphone Presence Opens Employer Opportunities for Real Time Video Conferencing
Smartphones are becoming more and more present all over the world, and though they are incredibly powerful, many users are not getting the most out of their devices. Specifically, smartphones are capable of accessing the Internet and other wireless data networks and are equipped with cameras, allowing them to partake in real time video conferencing.

Demand for Video Conferencing Getting Higher in Russia
Video conferencing technology not only acts as a great tool for business and commercial channels but also for families and friends, as it allows them to have effective communication at a reasonable cost. TrueConf, a Russian company and a vendor of enterprise and consumer products and equipment for video conferencing in Eastern Europe, clarified that video conferencing technology in Russia is gaining in popularity.

Prediabetes Patients Can Now Connect with Web-Based Video Conferencing Treatment Visits
Prediabetes is a multifaceted disease caused by many factors. When a person has prediabetes, there are negative processes happening in the body that require targeted action. To offer more convenience to prediabetes patients, PreDiabetes Centers has recently introduced a new program that enables users to get direct in-home access to the prediabetes physician and health coach using a Web-based video conferencing system.

Featured Product: YVC-1000

The YVC-1000 incorporates many high-quality sound technologies that Yamaha has developed over the years, including a unique Human Voice Activity Detection capability used to detect human voices. "HVAD" is an important element of several different sound processing features that require fast and efficient sorting of noise and human voices in order to make speaking and listening a more relaxing, stress-free experience during remote conferencing.

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Prodcut Showcase


Web Conferencing Microphone Speaker
The PJP-10UR is light weight, durable, and specifically designed to support the web conferencing needs of a professional business traveler. The sleek designed device has a sturdy aluminum body and weighs 7.4 oz.


Web Conferencing Microphone Speaker
The PJP-20UR wide bandwidth microphone speaker provides HD (from 300Hz to 20kHz) clarity, delivering exceptional sound performance. Each device is built with three unidirectional microphones and one 85dB speaker.


Echo Canceller
Yamaha has taken their vast knowledge and technical expertise of music, sound and electronic equipment to develop the PJP-EC200 conference room and lecture hall echo cancelling and sound management device.

Featured Ebook

The Conference Room in 2012
and Beyond

The Conference Room in 2012 and Beyond

An in-depth look at how cutting-edge conferencing solutions are overhauling the collaboration experience.

Featured Podcast

With 35 years of experience in the communications industry and a true understanding of the ever-changing advancements in technology, Fontel is positioned to deliver its customers cutting-edge solutions that carry them into the future. With a specialized focus on conferencing, Fontel has partnered with major manufacturers to offer revolutionary voice and data communication products and services. Our discussion today will highlight Fontel and its affiliation with Yamaha and focus on Yamaha's Projectphones, a series of arrayed microphones that feature an acoustically-engineered structural design, as well as its echo canceller, a technology that eliminates audio cut-out and echo for smooth performance.