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Jisc and Agenta Team Up to Enhance Remote Education

February 23, 2018

Vscene, the UK’s destination for remote education, will be getting an upgrade thanks to Ajenta. Jisc, the non-profit technology solution for education, has selected audio and video providers, Ajenta, to enhance, upgrade and take over Vscene video collaboration.

“Vscene is the only true HD platform in the world to provide a large social community of teachers, students and research fellows with the ability to chat in real-time, share knowledge and collaborate in virtual meeting workspaces with encrypted document sharing and whiteboard collaboration. These features will help to shape a considerable part of each institution’s larger digital strategy,” shared John Wilson, co-founder and CEO of Ajenta.

Vscene is currently accessed by over 2,000 UK institutions, developing remote classrooms for 500 users, encompassing educating, learning, and colleague collaboration in both the UK and overseas. Recent upgrades to Vscene include an easy-to-use desktop, improved mobile access, and seamless integration with learning management systems and tele-education environments.

Vscene is provided at no cost to existing users in 7500 primary and secondary schools and will remain that way, assured Ajenta. Vscene will no longer be a part of the Jisc subscription but a new pricing funnel will be set up for customers.

“Jisc is committed to helping schools, colleges, universities and research centers to perform at the forefront of international practice by exploiting digital technology, content and connectivity. We are delighted to partner with Ajenta, whose expertise will give Vscene many added benefits for our members and the wider public sector,” Jisc chief executive, Paul Feldman said on the new partnership. 

The new service is set to launch in March 2018 and already 450 current users have signed up for Vscene 2.0.

Edited by Maurice Nagle