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Phoenix Audio Technologies Teams Up With Staub Electronics

August 10, 2017

Phoenix Audio Technologies and Staub Electronics announced recently that they have joined forces to improve video conferencing offerings. Staub is one of Canada’s largest distributors of integrated technology products and services. And now, under this new partnership, Staub will be able to offer the full line of Phoenix Audio products, including the Condor Microphone Array, Spider series of speakerphones, and the forthcoming Stingray Smart Mixer.

The benefit of this partnership for Staub may not be glaringly obvious, given that it’s certainly found success all on its own up to this point. As one of Canada’s most successful conferencing technology distributors, what else could it need? Well, according to the announcement, Phoenix Audio products will provide Staub's client base with high quality audio solutions that are simple to install and easy to use. As an added bonus, their compatibility with cloud-based video conferencing applications makes Phoenix Audio's solutions the best possible audio endpoints for Staub's growing Commercial AV audience.

Scott Trotter, President of Staub Electronics, said as much when the announcement was made, stating, “'The addition of Phoenix Audio fits well with our move into the Commercial AV market and provides us with a number of high quality options to support video conferencing and telephony projects.”

Phoenix Audio is excited about the new partnership as well, with Jonathan Boaz, Phoenix Audio Technologies VP of Sales and Marketing, saying, “We are thrilled about our new partnership with Staub Electronics. Their channel and support-centric approach guarantees they will have huge success with their expansion into the AV space. We are extremely flattered and pleased to be part of it.”