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FreeSWITCH Video Conferencing Addresses Legal Firms' Needs

July 17, 2017

There are many applications for online conferencing.

It is a good match for many types of businesses, which use it to enable communication among internal staff and, sometimes, clients and partners. Some academic institutions leverage conferencing to aid in student recruitment and selection. And select, pioneering retailers are leveraging conferencing to better serve their customers and prospects – using this real-time communications medium as a tool through which to demonstrate, service, and upsell their products and services.

In communications there’s a growing trend of packaging and selling solutions that cater to specific industry verticals. And that’s happening on the conferencing front as well.

For example, some unified communications companies provide business phone and UC solutions especially for hotels. These offerings allow for ease of integration with hotels’ existing property management systems, which is the hotel version of an ERP solution.

And FreeSWITCH is now catering to law firms and related organizations with its FreeSWITCHService video conferencing solution. This conferencing solution allows legal organizations to leverage real-time communications, which can aid in and help expedite the discovery process; to do remote arraignment when it makes sense; and to consult face-to-face with witnesses and with one another.

All that can enable law firms and their clients to save money and can allow for more flexibility in scheduling with the overworked court systems, the company suggests.

This FreeSWITCHService features active speaker display, conference recording, direct inward dialing, interactive voice response, mail notifications, name mapping, polling, raise hand, rollcall, scheduler, and telecommunications application programming interface development capabilities.

Video calling is expected to account for 6 percent of the world’s fixed calling traffic by 2020, according to research firm Ovum. Gartner, meanwhile, expects video conferencing usage by businesses to increase 400 percent by 2019. And it says the video conferencing business is valued at $9 billion globally. 

Edited by Alicia Young