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Conferencing Solution Bridges Gap Between Government and Citizens

July 10, 2017

As demonstrated through various use cases over the past several months, video conferencing is changing the way industries operate. One of the areas video conferencing has the most potential in is government, and smart providers are beginning to cater to this industry specifically.

Ecosmob Technologies Limited, a VoIP and mobile app development service provider, recently announced that it will be providing quality video conferencing solutions to the government sector. A senior technology executive at Ecosmob told MENAFN.com, “For any government body, communication is a fundamental requirement. Be it an electoral propaganda or any inter-departmental exchange of ideas; the government’s every move is guided by effective and efficient communication.”

Unfortunately, until now, that effective and efficient communication wasn’t very easy to come by. Government leaders were located around the country or world, citizens had a hard time communicating their views, and so on. If a governmental body can’t communicate with the people it’s vowed to represent, how can anything effective get done? It turns out, that doesn’t work very well, which is why Ecosmob has introduced its new video conferencing solution.

A spokesperson of Ecosmob told MENAFN.com in a comment, “Public interaction and mass communication play a pivotal role in spreading awareness and the government’s views among people. Video conferencing solution[s] can offer a cost-effective way to achieve both these objectives. It is very easy to save big on traveling expenses while improving collaborative efforts through video conferencing. When we talk about ease of business, a video conference can play a vital role in achieving our objectives through building relationships and establishing a real-time connection with people.”

She continued, “At times, the government fails to connect with targeted people. Many government schemes cannot appeal the mass simply because of poor communication. Our conferencing solutions can give the perfect answer to this problem. While connecting with people, the government agencies can also improve collaboration between the departments and enhance their work environment.”

The spokeswoman painted a rather bleak picture of the government’s ability to communicate with the public. However, she’s not exactly wrong. Hopefully Ecosmob, and the various other providers who are likely to hop on this bandwagon soon, can create powerful solutions that help bridge this gap.