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Yamaha Awarded for CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System

July 03, 2017

Yamaha has announced that its latest conferencing solution, the CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System, was awarded AV’s Best in Show for 2017 at InfoComm. The system is easily integrated into any video conferencing service, including all of the popular offerings such as Skype for Business, Cisco Spark, Google Chromebox for Meetings, as well as a variety of other offerings.

The Yamaha CS-700 is an external microphone and camera set that seeks to bring more realism to virtual meetings than ever before. The camera boasts a field of view of 120 degrees, much wider than a standard webcam. This allows those attending virtual meetings to easily keep track of a speaker as they walk around the room, and have a perfect view of any screens or other presentation materials. In addition, the attached microphone is incredibly receptive, allowing every word spoken in the meeting room to be heard loud and clear by those observing through their webcams. Yamaha was very proud of this product as well as the recognition it achieved.

“Between the collaboration efforts of Yamaha UC and Revolabs' product development teams and engineering leadership, we have developed a solution that makes it easier and clearer to communicate and collaborate while relieving the pain points for technology managers and end-users grappling with an ever-increasing amount of technology,” said Mick Kamihara CEO, Revolabs, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation and part of the Yamaha UC department. “Winning AV Technology's prestigious Best of Show Award is the culmination of the hard work and dedication that has gone into developing the great technology behind the CS-700.”

As video conferencing services have grown more and more popular, we are now beginning to see the growth of more hardware development to match up with these solutions. Even the best video conferencing software solution in the world can be rendered useless if it is run with shoddy equipment. Yamaha is working to ensure that it provides products that maximize the video conferencing service and make virtual meetings as akin to real ones as possible.