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What's New in Huddle Room Solutions

June 22, 2017

A huddle room, as defined by Wainhouse Research in a white paper published in October, is a meeting room that can accommodate only a small number – typically six or fewer – attendees. There are approximately 1.5-2 million group videoconferencing rooms around the world today, according to Wainhouse, but far more huddle rooms, which number from 30-50 million.

InFocus Corp. has come out with a new huddle room video collaboration solution called the Mondopad Flex. It’s list priced at $7,999 and will be available in North America starting next month.

This system allows for annotation, data sharing, document storage, interactive whiteboarding, presentation, and video conferencing. Its support of H.323 and SIP means it’s compatible with legacy video conferencing solutions, including room-based systems and Skype for Business. And devices can connect to it wirelessly via AirPlay, Chrome, and Miracast.

Mondopad Flex comes with two 40-inch HD projected-capacitive touchscreens, which can be mounted end to end or top to bottom. It runs on Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. It’s based on an Intel Core i7-6700T processor and Q170 chipset with Intel vPro technology. It has a 256 GB solid state hard drive. And it offers 8 GB of memory.

“With Mondopad Flex we’ve created a flexible, affordable way to extend the power of conferencing and collaboration beyond the conference room — into offices and huddle rooms — without compromising image quality or functionality,” said InFocus CEO Mark Housley.

This solution speaks to the trend of video conferencing democratization and the fact that many businesses want to encourage collaboration through huddle rooms, open office environments, and by providing their employees and partners with tools to allow them to more easily connect with one another.

Another videoconferencing solution for the huddle room is the Yamaha CS-700 system, offered by Revolabs. This system delivers ultra-wideband audio, high-quality video, screen sharing, remote management, a camera that covers 80 percent or more of a room, and USB and SIP support. These features put it miles ahead of other similar huddle room solutions, and the Revolabs/Yamaha branding ensures a quality experience every time.

The introduction of these new huddle room solutions reflects an overall change in the workforce. “We've seen a huge shift in the way people work, and that includes a big uptick in huddle rooms or space where people can meet on the fly,” Zach Holmquist, CTO and co-founder of EventBoard, commented. “In today's flexible, fast-moving workplace, impromptu meetings are something companies need to accommodate. Based on what we're seeing from our own customers, we expect the use of these huddle rooms to grow by at least 20 percent in the next four years.”  

Edited by Alicia Young