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New Conferencing Solutions Connect Huddle Rooms

May 31, 2017

Social networks. Business casual. The conferencing-enabled huddle room.

All of these trends point to the fact that in the world today, more interactions with more people more of the time are generally considered a good thing. They also point to the idea that making connections easily and in a relaxed and open environment are the preferred mode of operation.

That helps explain why huddle rooms have popped up like mushrooms across the planet. According to Wainhouse Research, there were between 30 and 50 million huddle rooms globally as of early last year.

But while plenty of these rooms exist, that doesn’t necessarily mean these facilities are equipped with conferencing communications gear or services. In fact, many of them are not.

But HuddleCamHD aims to change all that.

The company has unveiled a couple of solutions to video-enable the huddle room. That includes the HuddleCamHD TEAM Kit and the TEAM Kit PLUS Video Collaboration solution.

The TEAM Kit includes a 3rd generation i5 Intel NUC computer, a 1080p-3x optical zoom USB conference camera, and a wireless USB HuddlePod Air Speakerphone. The TEAM Kit PLUS Video Collaboration, meanwhile, includes the same computer, a 1080p 10x optical zoom USB conference camera, and an

Acoustic Magic beamforming microphone.

Both feature dashboard software to customize the experience. And both are distributed by HuddleCamHD partner Jenne Inc.

These two solutions are among many in the marketplace addressing huddle room connectivity, voice, and video.  Other suppliers with huddle room voice and video solutions include Avaya, BlueJeans, Cisco, Huddle, LifeSize, Polycom, Tely, and many others.

But while connected huddle rooms have been a point of discussion in past years, some of the key business communications trends we’re hearing about today are digital transformation, in-app collaboration, team chat, the cloud and agile communications, and machine learning and artificial intelligence. INTERNET TELEPHONY analyzed many of these important developments in its 2Q issue supplement.