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Konftel Adds One Touch Conferencing

May 10, 2017

Anyone who has ever had to work on a conference call knows the extreme frustration and confusion that can occur. From figuring out the number to dial into and at what time, to keeping track of the right meeting room and remembering the password, these conferences could be such headaches that many felt that they might not even be worth it to pursue them. However, Konftel is looking to change the perception around conference calls, and make them more accessible and useful than ever before.

Konftel’s newest solution, the Konftel 300 IPx, bills itself as a “game changer,” and the simplest form of conferencing communication to date. The base of the platform looks like a standard office phone designed for conference calls, but has much greater functionality and ease of use. The platform can be connected to traditional phone lines as well as other communication services like Slack or Skype for Business. Headsets can also easily be connected if users favor that option instead of speakerphone. Extra microphones can also be added.

The crown jewel of the 300 IPx platform is its accompanying app. Each device can be paired with a smartphone via an app that has an intuitive interface, making it easy to set up, join, or leave conference calls with just the push of a button. Ultimately, those at Konftel believe that this is what will truly set them apart.

“It’s the next step in audio conferencing convenience, putting the power of easy hassle-free multiparty communication into the hands of everyone with a mobile phone,” said Jeff May, Regional Sales Director at Konftel. “We are opening up conferencing to everyone which means there are huge sales opportunities for resellers. All the barriers to conferencing have gone.”

May and others at Konftel truly believe that they have forever changed the world of conferencing for the better. By incredibly simplifying the process to set up and take part in conference calls, they have made conference call technology available to businesses of all sizes, not just those with robust IT departments. Konftel’s solution should allow more businesses than ever to leverage conferencing tools.