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Freemium Power: ezTalks' Major New Conferencing System

April 12, 2017

Freemium is one of those things that likely makes eyes roll and eyebrows raise just about any time it's heard. Sure, it often offers some excellent material at no charge, but freemium has also been the kind of thing where all the “good stuff” is behind a paywall. Recently, ezTalks showed us just what kind of impact a freemium system could have by bringing out a video conferencing system that could accommodate a whopping 100 users.

Available on a freemium basis, this platform gives users access to an excellent new way to communicate in large groups for comparatively little money.  Thanks to a rapidly-growing market for such systems, as more businesses turn to video conferencing as a means to connect across different departments or with completely different businesses—without the need for expensive and time-consuming travel—ezTalks was better equipped to get a system like this put together.

Naturally, with it being freemium, there are certain parts that are available at no charge, and other parts that are indeed behind that paywall. The good news is that there is a premium plan that starts at $12.99, but the free part does include the large-number conferencing system. Indeed, the free plan allows for up to 100 participants at once, with an unlimited number of meetings, live browser-based broadcasting, cyclical meetings, and even Onion support. Perhaps the only real downside to the free program is that, with group meetings, meetings are capped at a maximum of 40 minutes per session.

From there, plans can increase to include unlimited meeting duration, REST application programming interface (API) access, user management tools, and even access to larger meetings. The highest-level pay systems feature support for up to 10,000 participants, a staggering quantity by any figure.

While most businesses will likely get along just fine with the 100 participant level that's available for no charge, ezTalks is out to make things as easy as its name suggests, and thus offers up a staggering array of conferencing options. Smaller businesses will get access to a phenomenally cost-effective conferencing tool, while larger businesses will be able to ramp things up so far that even some major corporations wouldn't have employee counts sufficient to fill the available slots.

That kind of versatility makes for a very powerful entry, which ezTalks is going to need given the sheer amount of competition in the field. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to conferencing, and for ezTalks to compete, it's going to have to offer something very impressive. It seems, though, that it's done just that.

Edited by Alicia Young