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VisoCon Brings Video Conferencing to Dropbox

February 23, 2017

It’s always a refreshing change to see a company actually listen to user suggestions and, not only take them into consideration, but actually implement a change to meet those needs. The most recent company to do this is VisoCon, which just announced the worldwide release of eyeson room for Dropbox. Apparently, the Web conferencing integration was created in direct response to the demands of the Dropbox user community.

Andreas Kröpfl, CEO and founder of eyeson, explained why the company felt there was a need for this integration by saying, “There was a clear need to provide a group video integration in the Dropbox team folders…We are thrilled to launch the first Web conferencing integration for Dropbox and we are happy to deliver the complete eyeson feature portfolio, plus some Dropbox exclusive features.”

Dropbox users have been calling for a video conferencing integration for some time now. eyeson room for Dropbox is a virtual meeting room which is supposed to enhance online collaboration through the power of Web and mobile application integration. With this new solution, users will be able to schedule online meetings with recording capabilities directly from within their Dropbox folders. The new video conferencing capability also offers screen sharing, chat and presentation features.

This integration allows users to collaborate with their folder members easily while presenting directly from their Dropbox folders, whether on a desktop or mobile device. One of the best features is the fact that all presented slides are synced to the selected Dropbox folder in real-time. So, if someone can’t join a meeting during the scheduled time, they don’t have to worry about missing any important information. Instead, they can simply log into Dropbox later and go through the saved slides. The new recording capabilities also make it easy for those who missed the video conference session to thoroughly catch up on all the latest.

There are several features that set this integration apart from traditional video conferencing services. The biggest differentiator, however, is that eyeson rooms are not affected by the number of participants, use significantly less bandwidth and provide HD video quality because of Single-Stream-Technology. Michael Wolfgang, CTO and founder of eyeson, explained further by saying, “The Single-Stream-Technology, eyeson’s core technology, gives us the possibility to solve a real pain problem in web conferencing - to keep the required bandwidth low…It enables group calls with unlimited participants, where everyone can be speaker and visible at any time with recording possibility.”

Overall, it looks like Dropbox users’ requests have finally been answered. VisoCon’s eyeson room for Dropbox has low bandwidth, allows for several users and provides easy collaboration thanks to recording and unique presentation features. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle