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GoConsult's New Conferencing Solution Easily Added

February 21, 2017

The pursuit of an omnichannel customer experience carries on, and businesses are adding new options to allow customers to connect to the business in ever-expanding numbers. Video interaction is no exception here, and while many of the options available so far in the field are rather complex and somewhat unwieldy, there are some new options like GoConsult's new VOW system, which makes adding conferencing capabilities as easy as a few lines of code to a current website.

At last report, VOW requires just three steps to install, which can be accomplished in about two minutes' worth of time. Designed also to be affordable as well as easy to set up, the system offers a variety of features that deliver impressive benefits. A video appointment system allows for easy scheduling of meetings directly from the website itself, which helps improve the chances that users will stay interested in whatever it was they wanted the meeting about. A client database management system helps keep those useful client details close at hand, improving the likelihood of a sale made on the strength of the right data.

Since data storage is unlimited, it helps prevent issues related to how much data can be kept on hand, and since there are no software downloads required, the whole process can move along quickly, easily, and without much concern for app security. The system is even priced to be effective not only for businesses, but even for individuals, suggesting that even the smallest of sole proprietorships can put it to work.

Having an easy way to let users establish conferences online can be a sure route to faster connection, and by making sure the right information is on hand when it’s needed, the end result is a better, more productive conference that's more likely to have positive results. Businesses need the kinds of tools that produce results, and in the end, a system like VOW might be just that point. By allowing conferencing functions to be set up and conducted wholly online, it satisfies part of the growing demand for omnichannel connectivity, allowing users to make contact with businesses in the fashion those users want to use, not what the business will allow.

Better connectivity backed up by readily available information is a hard point to turn down, and GoConsult's use of conferencing here in VOW demonstrates how it can be simple to set up, easy to use, and deliver plenty of value all from the same platform.

Edited by Alicia Young