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Conferencing Zone Week in Review: Revolabs, BroadSoft, Torsh, GCI

October 08, 2016

Welcome to another weekly look at all the top stories making headlines in the conferencing market this week.

The big news this week came from Revolabs, which announced the interoperability of its conferencing phones with BroadSoft's BroadWorks SIP interface.

Specifically, the FLX UC 1000 and UC 1500 phones are now compatible with the UC offering from BroadSoft. This means businesses can rest assured the choice of Revolabs offerings will work well with their communications offering. Things like call forwarding, call transfers, VoIP calling and more are all possible.

“BroadSoft is the leading provider of unified communication and collaboration services to operators worldwide, and the interoperability of the FLX UC 1000 and UC 1500 demonstrates our commitment to delivering the exceptional conferencing experience organizations require. This validation opens up new communication service provider opportunities, allowing them to confidently select and provision these solutions for full use and operability with the powerful BroadWorks platform.” Jim Fairweather, Revolabs' executive vice president of global sales said.

Also this week, Torsh, which provides a data management platform, announced the new TALENY offering, an online video hosting service. This is being targeted specifically at the education sector and makes it possible to expand the reach of content for educators. Via Web chat, video conferencing and more, it’s possible to tutor and teach those in school and continuing education settings.

It’s also a great way for educators to collaborate with one another. With up to six at a time on a call.

“Previously, teachers and their professors needed to access TALENT plus a webinar service to facilitate their online professional development work,” Williams said. “TALENT’s new live video conferencing and chat gives teachers and their coaches a more robust tool with which to accomplish their professional development and training goals,” said Courtney Williams, Torsh CEO.

For the mobile worker, video conferencing is also important because it increases productivity and eases collaboration. Now, GCI has announced the launch of an upgraded service for mobile workers.

The upgrades to the GCI Managed Video Conferencing solution include HD video, screen sharing and 24/7 support for mobile users.

Finally, in the healthcare vertical, video conferencing continues to be a relevant and hot technology. This week an Australian elder care firm detailed the benefits it’s found from using telemedicine.

Nazareth Aged Care brought in a videoconferencing solution to connect six facilities across two separate island nations: Australia and New Zealand. In addition to reduced costs for travel, the facility said it also has clearer audio and better overall interactions using video conferencing.

That’s all for this week – be sure to check back for all the latest Conferencing news as it happens. Until next week…