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Grandstream Networks Launches 6200 Series IP-PBX Appliances

September 12, 2016

Grandstream Networks has seen success with its portfolio of IP-based private branch exchange (PBX) hardware that offers businesses features such as an interactive voice response system, call recording, and voice and video support. With lineups such as the UCM6100 series, the company has reached many business clients large and small.

Now Grandstream hopes to open its portfolio to even more clients with the addition of the UCM6200 series. This hardware will also address small and midsize firms, like the 6100s do, but offers slightly more regarding its port types and the number of users it supports. Like the 6100 base it was built from, the 6200 will continue to offer support for the features mentioned above in addition to special capabilities like Google Calendar integration and compliance with WebRTC standards.

David Li, the CEO of Grandstream, had a number of positive things to say about this product launch:

“We are excited to announce the UCM6200 series that builds on the innovations and market success of our popular UCM6100 series,” Li said. “The UCM series is the anchor of our telephony solution and its continuous improvement with more features and better performance is at the core of our business. Our customers have become accustom to the industry-leading features and ease of management our UCM series offers. The new UCM6200 series is a promising extension and powerful lift of that legacy.”

At this time, the 6200 line of hardware will include three models – the UCM6202, which supports 500 users and 30 concurrent calls; the UCM6204, which supports 500 users and 45 concurrent calls; and the UCM6208, which jumps to 800 users and 100 concurrent calls.

All the models in this new lineup support conferencing. The two lower-end models offer three conference bridges that can handle 25 conference attendees while the UCM6208 pushes that limit to six conference bridges and 32 attendees. Each model also comes equipped with a built-in DHCP server, so companies do not need to look to additional hardware to link these devices to the Internet.

Each model is now available for purchase. Li’s belief in this new product line suggests that it could make a significant impact on the market. There is no telling yet if the 6200 will surpass the 6100s popularity, but there is no doubt that Li and company would not support an overtaking of that sort.

Edited by Alicia Young