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HipChat Simplifies Group Conferencing with Built-in Video Chat

August 23, 2016

Video communication is now readily available to anyone with a smartphone or other connected computing device. This has dramatically changed the way today's workforce operates by introducing a collaborative environment in which employees can communicate with their colleagues, whether they are across town or on the other side of the planet. The launch of HipChat with group video conferencing by Atlassian will further simplify the process with a built-in video chat and real-time screen sharing app without plug-ins, add-ons or third-party integrations.

Using the WebRTC Jitsi Videobridge technology, Atlassian is able to provide video conferencing participants the ability to chat while they are connected without leaving the app. It has a built-in client that eliminates the need for URLs, PIN codes and outside call-in lines of propriety systems. This allows users to communicate with individual participants or the group as a whole in real time during the conference with greater efficiency. When clients are in a chatroom, hosts can carry out separate instant messaging conversations while hiding the immediate environment.

The company said, “HipChat Video removes all of this ‘first minutes of every meeting’ wasted context switching time and effort, simplifying the process and bringing video to where your team is already collaborating - without the need to install new software, log into another service or move to another room. Your team is already assembled in HipChat - just click one button to see them!”

The platform also supports add-ons and integrations of video chat services, including UberConference and Hangouts, as well as other providers through HipChat Connect. Users can create unlimited chatrooms so everyone within a company can hold a conference and collaborate at any time. When the conversation is finished it is saved forever in HipChat and it can be searched by keyword, including text, links, files and more

The security on HipChat uses 256-bit SSL encryption to transfer conversations. This ensures every conversation is highly secure, and guests such as clients, vendors and other third-parties can be brought into a conference with secure access. Once all the participants are logged in, the new easy screen sharing feature lets them share their desktop on any device and collaborate in real-time.

Files can be shared with drag and drop functions from your desktop, Dropbox, email or any other space the file is located. And it synchronizes across desktop, mobile and web apps so conversations are never lost when any of the participants switch devices.

Companies like Expedia, Intuit, Salesforce and SquareSpace use HipChat because of the security, custom feeds for screen sharing events, customer service chat rooms and email marketing platforms it provides.

Edited by Alicia Young