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The Future is Now: New Platform Allows Videoconferencing Everywhere

February 26, 2016

For those who’ve wondered when video would finally go mobile in all available forms, the answer has arrived.

Haivision, a company that bills itself as market leader in media management and video streaming solutions, just announced important new features to its Enterprise Video Platform Calypso. According to the company, the new release helps organizations easily stream encrypted live video, from any location, to all employees for high-profile internal live events and all-hands meetings.

“The Haivision Enterprise Video Platform makes it simple for organizations to stream end-to-end encrypted, high quality, live and on demand videos to employees in every office, on any device,” the company noted in a statement. “With the platform’s addition of remote content contribution, executives can now deliver their high impact messages from any location including off-site venues like conferences, trade shows, and even hotel conference rooms, without compromising on quality or security.”

This new release has a number of important offerings including:

End-to-end encryption: Virtually guaranteeing that a CEO’s address and company messages remain confidential.

Easy administration: Users can choose to stream single or multiple sources simultaneously, broadcasting multiple camera angles, or people plus content, including presentation slides and full motion video.

Flexible experience: Companies can extend the experience to existing intranet portals like SharePoint, or internal social media platforms so employees can easily find and share live events.

Fast deployment: This streamlined solution makes it one of the fastest deployments and least intrusive ways to stream live internal company events.

Hybrid cloud: Allows companies to leverage hybrid cloud deployments and deliver the highest quality, secure, live video to internet connected employees without the need to deploy additional hardware.

“Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our customers can focus on what’s important to them – high value messages that engage and inform employees,” said ‘Zip’ Zieper, VP of Product Management, Enterprise, at Haivision. As we’ve proved with deployments at Fortune 100 companies, we’re disrupting enterprise video by bringing simplicity to a marketplace full of solutions that over-promise and fail to meet expectations.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi