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Need a Periscope to Measure Your Presentation's Impact?

September 09, 2015
By Special Guest
Robert Kawalsky, CEO of Zeetings -

Bland, boring presentations do little to get your point across. Today, in a world drowning in PowerPoint, presentations need to have an extra oomph in order to stand out from the standard slideshows that terrorize conference rooms on a daily basis. To do that, you need to make your passive spectators become active participants.

Right now, the presentation paradigm is shifting. In order to share information effectively in a modern, professional and cloud-based environment, you need to create a meaningful connection with your audience, not just talk at them while clicking through nondescript slides. What is called for are interactive, collaborative presentations. Communication should be a two-way, dynamic conversation instead of the current, static, one-way monologue.

Conversation and collaboration unleash information. Once audiences are activated, not only do they become part of your presentation, but you can learn the most effective way for them to receive your message.

It sounds like a lofty goal, and easier said than done—however, this is not true. Right now, enterprise software is not just making workflows more efficient, but changing the nature of work itself. From increasing employment flexibility to upending traditional decision-making frameworks with data-driven automation, segment after segment is changing. The intelligent use of data is transforming each aspect of our work lives, and presentations are no different.

One of the most important aspects of successful presentations is that once the official show is over, the impact of the information should continue. Collaborative services enable participants to connect with each other and continue engaging with the materials. By using actionable insights from data-driven analytics after the meeting, presenters can guide post-presentation conversations to make them meaningful and much more valuable for all those involved.

Today, the traditional monologue presentation simply isn’t good enough. In a cloud-based world, the technical snags that accompany them are unacceptable, and audience members need to have a voice, some stake, in a presentation for it to have meaning for them. No matter what fancy bells and whistles you put on your presentation, if the audience is not engaged, you will get nowhere. In an environment where social media analytics can provide boundless consumer information, your presentation—a space in which you are communicating directly with a consumer of your information—should similarly provide you with data which you can act upon.

So, don’t settle for the norm! Don’t use antiquated presentation techniques to deliver your information—be innovative and create dynamic conversations which don’t stop when your slideshow does. Your audience will be happier, and once you see the effects of your not-so-boring presentation, you will be, too.

About the Author: When CEO Robert Kawalsky and his co-founders saw the sorts of presentations fellow startups typically gave to investors and potential customers, they realized the slideshows and PowerPoints failed to communicate core ideas or connect with the audience. Both sides, the presenters and the audience, were losing. This was the inspiration for Zeetings, a cloud-based platform designed to easily make presentations and meetings dynamic, interactive, and most of all, effective. The result is Zeetings, his latest endeavor, launched in August 2015.