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Gartner Magic Quadrant Ranks a New Leader in Vidyo

July 21, 2015

The Gartner Magic Quadrant rankings have long proven a great source of information about companies looking to make a variety of technologies better. Assigning companies different ranks based on a two-axis scale of completeness of vision and ability to achieve that vision, the Magic Quadrant study shows just where a firm is in the wider market. Gartner has recently announced a new Leader-ranked firm to its Magic Quadrant system: Vidyo.

Vidyo landed the ranking for the Group Video System section, on the strength of several different points. Vidyo's CEO, Eran Westman, described the belief that the company was recognized as a reflection of its “market momentum,” particularly as it related to its VidyoWorks platform. VidyoWorks has been adopted by a host of different companies, ranging from financial services and telemedicine providers to even government agencies as a means to make that necessary connection and properly collaborate. What's more, it was noted that Vidyo's focus on software in its execution allowed interested firms to run using not only basic commodity hardware, but also using virtual computing environments for maximum flexibility.

Gartner offered some specific comment on the field, saying "Group video systems primarily serve the need for high-quality video interaction across a range of meeting room sizes. In addition to one or more screens of video, these systems allow for content sharing, as well as integration with unified communications (UC) platforms. As participants join meetings from outside the conference room, these systems also accommodate desktop and mobile endpoint add-on while providing continuity of experience.”

The Leader category this year, according to reports, seems to be sparsely populated, with Vidyo joining Cisco and Polycom in the Leader ranking. Meanwhile, Lifesize took the sole Visionary rank, and four companies—ZTE, Huawei, Avaya and Smart—took Niche Player ranks. No company was classified as a Challenger in the field. Leaders score high in both completeness of vision and ability to execute categories, while Visionaries are those with high completeness but lesser ability. Challengers are the converse of that, while Niche Players score lower in both categories.

Image via Vidyo

Conferencing is a big field these days, with a great many firms going after a steadily expanding market. The rise of the mobile workforce has made conferencing tools a necessity as firms seek to keep the elements of the workforce in contact with each other, allowing everyone to push toward the same goal and keep individual players accountable. Beyond that, however, conferencing has also proven valuable as a means to serve as a partial replacement for business travel, allowing companies to make necessary contact without needing physical presence. Since Vidyo can offer the ability to receive Ultra HD 4K video, and transmit 1080p at 60 frames per second, it's the next best thing to being there, and helps ensure clarity. Throw that kind of performance in with the ability to work with off-the-shelf hardware, and it's fairly easy to see why Vidyo landed a Leader rank.

Gartner's recognition of Vidyo is definitely a point in its favor, and for those firms looking to add more conferencing capability to operations—whether to connect within, without, or both—Vidyo's going to be a sound place to start looking for new components.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino