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Conferencing Week in Review: Polycom, Quocirca, Skylight Healthcare and InterCall

January 17, 2015

It appears that video conferencing is finally coming into its own this year, and it’s about time. Now there is actual research, according to the Computer Business Review that shows video conferencing can really make the difference between success and failure. The new report, which surfaced late last week, says that more than 90 percent of those who regularly use video conferencing are able to see higher productivity and improved teamwork inside their business. The study, which was a joint effort between Polycom and Quocirca, said that using this kind of tool can also mean savings in the long run. The cost savings might be one of the biggest keys to more companies adopting more advanced and better video conferencing solutions in the very near future.

In other news, Skylight Healthcare Systems, a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions and specifically the Skylight Interactive patient engagement platform, recently announced the launch of Video Visit, a proprietary next generation video conferencing platform. Video Visit evolved from Skylight's iCareConnect video conferencing solution – found in many hospitals around the nation – with a more robust set of features and an updated user interface. Video Visit's purpose is to remove the boundaries of distance that often exist among patients, healthcare providers, and friends and family. Video Visit employs webcams in coordination with the Skylight Interactive platform to enable direct communication between the patient and up to four outside parties simultaneously. The patient's webcam is hooked up to a television in the room for video, and audio is streamed through the bedside phone. Outside parties can use regular desktop/laptop computers or mobile devices for audio and video.

In new survey findings that likely surprised no one, younger small business owners were found to use conferencing services and video conferencing to improve their work-life balance more often than their older counterparts. The survey by InterCall, a conferencing services specialist, found that of 200 younger SMB owners asked, some 70 percent use audio and video conferencing technology to make their lives better. But despite those encouraging numbers, they’re not quite at their peak usage just yet. “Although the majority of small-business owners use conferencing tools, the findings suggest they may not be using them to their fullest potential, with 39 percent of small-business owners spending more than 10 hours and $100 per month on business travel and few of them (32 percent) enjoying a healthy work-life balance,” it was reported about the survey.

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