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Conferencing Week in Review: TelyLabs, Fontel and More

November 08, 2014

Communication, collaboration and productivity are three integral pieces to a successful enterprise, which is why it comes as no surprise this week in the conferencing was a busy one. Yes, it is most certainly that time again: Time for the week in review!

TMC’s Senior Web Editor Rory Thompson had an eye opening account of one reason why the conferencing space is building inertia, the bottom line. To use an example, TelyLabs has experienced 400 percent growth in the past 10 months. Aside from its exceptional technology, cost is a matter factor for the increase. The savings associated with using a conferencing system as opposed to flying team members to various meetings adds up, and as more and more business feel the budget crunch companies like TelyLabs’ ceiling gets a little higher.

Conferencing is not just for the enterprise. Correctional facilities have begun to embrace video conferencing technology. Jackson County, Wisconsin Jail announced a program for inmates to video conference with friends and family. The technology offers increased safety and tremendous savings on travel cost while still giving inmates an opportunity to meet with loved ones. It is projected that the service will begin Dec. 8.

A report by TMC’s Micahel Guta outlined how video conferencing can improve operational efficiency. The tech offers team members the ability to keep employees well-informed, improve efficiency through integrated communications, provide training, offer support and allow employees to telecommute.

Riding the coat-tails of Guta’s report, TMC’s Frank Griffin offered a check list for one’s next video conference to ensure employees are leveraging the technology to the fullest. Conferencing technology, for the most part, is quite user-friendly but with anything there can always be hiccups. Read Griffin’s full report here

The week is over, but that doesn’t mean the news is. Check back with The Conferencing Zone for your full of conferencing news. See you next week!