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Conferencing Week in Review: Choose Your Solution Wisely

September 06, 2014

Conferencing tools are widely used for business collaboration; as such the space is constantly growing and evolving - making conferencing solutions necessary for a successful business.  This week in conferencing there was no shortage of news, so get comfortable, it’s Week in Review time!

TMC’s Michael Guta reported this week on a survey indicating conferencing revenue dropped 9 percent in Q2 2014. One major trend playing a part in downed revenue is enterprises choosing subscription based services where hardware is no longer needed—translation, no hardware to purchase.  Regardless of the drop, Cisco and Polycom still control nearly 70 percent of the market.

When setting up a video conferencing systems there are some vital points to bear in mind.  TMC’s Steve Anderson noted four key points: simplicity, the importance of reliability, scalabilty and security.  By keeping these points in mind while choosing and implementing a video conferencing solution will save enterprises time, money and a headache.

While Anderson outlined four pillars to choosing a video conferencing solution, echoing his sentiment is Guta in his report on how to choose the best video conferencing solution for your organization.  This should not be a quick, knee-jerk decision as video conferencing solutions are certainly not ‘one size fits all.’

A clear trend in the video conferencing space is customers moving away from the purchase of hardware, as profits for software providers experience growth and hardware providers continue to see profits dip.  But, this is just one factor shaping the market

A Senior Analyst for Enterprise Communications Software from IDC, Rich Costello, summed up the space quite succinctly, “We continue to see the impact of delayed customer buying decisions, lower-cost systems, more software-centric products, and competitive cloud-based video service offerings on the worldwide enterprise video equipment market.”

As one can see, there was no shortage of news in conference as this space is steadily evolving.  Make sure to check in with the Conferencing Zone for all your conferencing news.