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Klamr Introduces New Messaging App Featuring Social Planning, Chat, and Location Search

September 03, 2013

Klamr recently announced the introduction of a mobile messaging app which features social planning, chat, and located search. The company, which is a leading social messaging platform developer, has designed its mobile messaging app to connect to reviews from social media platforms such as Foursquare, Yelp, and Facebook.

It also offers users with relevant suggestions of venues collected specifically from a location database while also allowing users to share photos. The messaging app provides all of these capabilities within a chat interface. Designed as a free app, Klamr offers easy downloading via Google Play and in the App Store and is available for both iOS and Android.

In a statement, Rei Biermann, Klamr's Head of Marketing, said, "Klamr reduces the effort of organizing get-togethers with my friends down to a few taps. Before Klamr, we'd text, email, Facebook message and go back-and-forth until we all reached agreement on when; then we'd have to figure out where. Now, there's no hassle involved whatsoever.”

The company aimed at providing its users with a comprehensive messaging service which combined social, researching, and messaging capabilities. Furthermore, since Klamr has been designed to ensure privacy, this means only close connections of a user will be able to access his messages and plans. Users will now be able to use the free app to carry out activities such as searching, chatting, planning, sharing photos, and notifying over a single chat interface. SMS notifications will be provided to non-users of the app which further improves the process of social communication and planning.

Using the new app, a user can quickly convert a conversation into a get-together by first sending a message and chatting about ideas for a meeting with his contacts and then picking a place and time to meet. Next the user can then start inviting his friends over Klamr or via SMS. The user can also use the app to share the photos of a get-together with his other contacts.

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