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Video Conferencing is a Valuable Cost-Cutting Tool for International Relations

June 21, 2013

In the past, talking to a person overseas face-to-face meant taking a flight. But now, with the advancements in video conferencing technology, people can sit in the comfort of their own office or home and talk to another person overseas face-to-face.

So, having an office overseas is no longer a problem in business relations, says Remark Group, a business intelligence systems specialist. New technologies such as video conferencing have not only made it easier to communicate overseas, but they also make it cheaper.

The conferencing abilities are important aspects while choosing the AV installations for a company. While companies are looking to improve their relationship with partners, customers and branches overseas, they are also looking save costs.

But Remark Group suggests users choose their conferencing service provider wisely. The service they select should not only be inexpensive, but it should also be effective, it says.

The company offers one of the latest CRESTRON touch-panel systems for a meeting room. It provides an advanced whiteboard or a simple reception area solution. Other attractive features, such as end-to-end video conferencing installation, school, college and university classroom support and complete project management, are also available.

David Lyons, IT services director for the Remark Group, explains, “There has been a real shift in the way people handle international relations and now the days of expensive cross-country calls or flights abroad for meetings are few and far between. The options available for businesses to facilitate virtual meetings are endless. Thanks to technological innovations, premium visual, sound and connection quality in video conferencing can make the whole experience both stress-free and enjoyable.”

Recently, the company released another report, where it stated that new technological innovations have made learning fun. Students today now enjoy an enhanced learning experience with new technology including interactive whiteboards and classroom audience response systems.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey