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Esselte Selects MeetingZone Audio Conferencing

February 27, 2013

Modern day audio conferencing solutions assist users in improving business processes and communications. They also help them in considerably decreasing the price of conferencing. They help users to reduce travel time and increase user productivity.

MeetingZone has announced that the company has been appointed as the preferred conferencing provider Esselte, a $1 billion office products company. Esselte picked up MeetingZone as the solution at a comparatively low price and the company offered high quality global services.

There are various free conferencing solution providers in the market, but Esselte still chose to go with a paid solution. Before arriving at this decision, the company had a long and hard look at these free solutions and decided that they do not support the company’s business model.

MeetingZone was the only solution that catered to Esselte's existing audio conferencing needs. Along with that, it also offered a migration path to allow the solution be modified to suit Esselte’s future needs.

MeetingZone is among the world’s biggest independent conferencing services providers and provides personalized audio and web conferencing services to the users. The company provides advanced audio conferencing solutions to meet the modern day conferencing needs of its customers.

“As a result of serious billing discrepancies and service issues we became increasingly disappointed and unhappy with both the pricing and level of service being delivered by our incumbent provider," said Mark Katz, CIO and Senior VP of Esselte. “Audio conferencing is used ubiquitously across the Esselte Group and to change suppliers of ubiquitous services is always a hard decision to make as it can create a lot of work.”

Recently, the company announced that it experienced an increase in the number of inquiries it gets from customers seeking to improve their communications systems to improve modern working arrangements.

Edited by Brooke Neuman