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Net4 Helps Indian SMBs Do Better with Audio and Web Conferencing Services

February 19, 2013

Net4 India, an India-based provider of data center, cloud hosting and network services, has unveiled its new Audio and Web Conferencing service, targeting a vast base of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) in India.

The company leverages XOP Networks’ Universal Service Node Conference Bridge to deliver the audio and Web conferencing platform to Indian SMBs. The collaboration platform allows them to share information from several locations over the Internet in a secure manner.

The service has been in beta testing for six months.

Business customers will benefit from these services as they can conduct business meetings, seminars, presentations or live demonstrations through the medium, company officials said.

Ne4India facilitates cheaper audio conferencing by enabling local call access from 22 locations/cities in India.

Participants can enter into collaboration and conferencing in real time and achieve the desired results quickly without engaging in long e-mail interactions.

According to Desi Valli, COO at Net4, the “quality and the cost at which we are offering these solutions is far more competitive than existing offerings in the market, both of which will surely lead to wider adoption and uptake.”

The company selected XOP Networks Universal Service Node (USN) as its Conferencing Service platform considering its feature rich, flexible and economical model.

Valli further said that cost-effective conferencing solutions can lead to significant productivity gains and cost savings for businesses. The use of such services among Indian SMEs is very low, primarily due to lack of awareness.

Net4’s Web conferencing services are designed to run across the Internet or a private data network. It does not require any changes to firewalls, the company said.

Net4 services focus on all-sized businesses in India. Its offerings include Data Center & Cloud Hosting Solutions, Enterprise Internet Services, VoIP Solutions, Enterprise Messaging & Hosting Solutions and Domain name registration.  The company has revenue of $85 million.

Edited by Braden Becker