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TMCnet Conferencing Week in Review

February 09, 2013

The ever-changing conferencing industry has introduced countless innovative products that now allow us to attend meetings and connect with colleagues virtually anywhere. This week, the conferencing space was booming with new conferencing developments and enhancements in the exciting space.

With a focus on companies in the next-generation infrastructure area, Valhalla Partners is looking to invest in companies that are looking to innovate the dynamics of the markets. This is why Valhalla chose to invest in Speek, a company that has plans to disrupt the teleconferencing market, aiming to overcome the hassle of distributing a bridge number with a PIN and meeting passcodes by simply using its own company link to create a browser-based call experience.

So in order to join a call, users reportedly just have to click the link and put in their number to get connected to a visual conference room on the Web or the company's iPhone app, where Speek gives enables conference members to run a meeting. Then, a Web display of a conference call shows all participants by name or phone number, and also indicated who is talking at a particular period – allowing the call organizer to manage participation.

“There’s a lot of sophistication here about what it takes to write enterprise-grade software coupled with a deep bench of consumer-oriented software talent. Software that’s consumer-friendly and enterprise-ready is completely disrupting the business world,” said Kevin Greene, Vallhalla partner, commenting on the Speek's abilities.

In other conferencing news, ReadyTalk, a provider of audio and Web conferencing services, has added a new suite of video conferencing solutions. This conferencing solution includes audio conferencing, Web conferencing, webinars and Web events, enabling customers to organize more collaborative and productive meetings and training sessions.

These new videoconferencing capabilities during virtual meetings allow companies to increase their engagement with participants, improve personal interaction between remote colleagues and see non-verbal cues.

“Our goal is to bring a video conferencing product to the market that makes it easier for customers to more effectively conduct remote meetings, interview potential employees and host small training sessions,” said Paul Carollo, product marketing manager at ReadyTalk. “At ReadyTalk, we put significant emphasis on customer input and feedback.” 

Lastly, conferencing provider Video Guidance’s 2012 revenue shot up by nearly 83 percent from 2011, proving both the strength of the video collaboration market and of Video Guidance’s technology. Its VG Connect product provides a combination of video conferencing tools such as HD voice and video, streaming, gateway programs, and more for desktop, mobile or room systems, all through the cloud.

In the past year, Video Guidance has begun expanding into the Midwest market, reaching states including Illinois and Wisconsin. Thanks in part to VG Connect, the company has had the success it needed to begin expanding. From there, it predicts even more growth, as more markets get access to the video conferencing tools it has at its disposal.

Additionally, Video Guidance’s ONE CALL support program is equally responsible for the growth in 2012. It manages an organizations infrastructure, from gateways to management systems to end points, while integrating with all of its partners such as Cisco, Polycom and LifeSize. In fact, its sales rose 21 percent from 2011, with renewals increasing by 66 percent, providing a large portion of the income responsible for Video Guidance’s growth.