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Video Guidance Reports Revenue Growth in 2012

February 06, 2013

Video Guidance has had a great year, and is looking forward to the next. In 2012, its revenues have shot up by nearly 83 percent from 2011, proving both the strength of the video collaboration market and of Video Guidance’s technology.

The company offers a variety of video conferencing tools and solutions for various markets ranging from conferencing to telemedicine. Its VG Connect product provides a combination of video conferencing tools, such as HD voice and video, streaming, gateway programs, and more for desktop, mobile or room systems, all through the cloud. It’s more scalable and affordable than premises-based solutions, and has proven more than satisfactory for many customers.

In the past year, Video Guidance has begun expanding into the Midwest market, reaching states such as Illinois and Wisconsin. Thanks in part to the success of VG Connect, it has had the success it needed to begin expanding. From there, it predicts even more growth, as more markets get access to the video conferencing tools it has at its disposal.

Equally responsible for the growth in 2012 is Video Guidance’s ONE CALL support program. It manages an organizations infrastructure, from gateways to management systems to end points, while integrating with all of its partners such as Cisco, Polycom, and LifeSize. Its sales rose 21 percent from 2011, with renewals increasing by 66 percent, providing a good portion of the income responsible for Video Guidance’s growth.

The solutions from Video Guidance are used in several verticals, providing room for growth in quite a few markets. For example, it has proven helpful in telemedicine, as pharmacists can evaluate the preparation of medications from a distance and specialists can examine patients over a distance.

So now that Video Guidance has picked up steam, what’s next? From the looks of it, one can imagine that sales and profit will continue to rise as the business continues to expand. Video conferencing keeps getting bigger and more in demand, so it’s got great opportunity to take advantage of. Let’s see if 2013 turns out as well as 2012 did.

Edited by Jamie Epstein