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SureVoIP Selects NetDev's New Web Meeting Solution

December 20, 2012

Recently, SureVoIP began to leverage NetDev’s DRUM, a new Web meeting solution that powers integrated audio conferencing. Launched in October 2012, the new solution is designed to help service providers better cater to the enterprise and small business market. DRUM audio conferencing is expected to be hosted from SureVoIP's network, enabling it to extend the range of communications services it offers to its customers while maintaining control over the service to ensure its customers receive the best possible call quality.

Gavin Henry, managing director at SureVoIP, said in a statement, “Audio conferencing is a very natural addition to our services, which means an even fuller range of options for our customers. With DRUM we can extend audio conferencing to a complete web meeting and collaboration solution and WebRTC enabled conference calls can really add value to enterprise meetings and collaboration. By hosting DRUM audio conferencing we maintain ownership of the voice quality and the billing relationship, so we know we can continue to deliver the quality of service that our customers expect from us.”

With the new product, SureVoIP will be able to address the growing needs found within both the conferencing and Web meeting markets. As per AMI Research, the combined audio and Web conferencing market will grow year over year to reach 2.7 billion by 2014. Despite robust growth in the overall space, service providers have been relatively slow to deliver their own conferencing and Web meeting services.

John Logsdon, CEO and founder of NetDev added, “DRUM delivers audio conferencing as a feature of a much wider Web meeting and collaboration service. Users can join and control their conference calls directly from the browser or the fixed/mobile phone. It adds value to enterprise communications and enables service providers to build revenues from non-subscribers who are invited to the meeting or conference.”

SureVoIP also has the option to offer DRUM's Web meeting application to its customers, in addition to the audio conferencing service. DRUM Web meetings is a central repository for every meeting a user attends, allowing participants to create meetings, present and share documents, take notes and assign tasks in the browser with ease. It is an HTML5 application which means users can access and use it from their browser without software downloads or plug-ins.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein