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AnyMeeting Hits 250,000 Users

November 27, 2012

AnyMeeting has reached a new milestone, with over 250,000 registered users. The provider of Web conferencing for small businesses is now larger than most of the companies it serves, thanks to its features, pricing, and integrations that meet the needs of SMBs.

Recently, AnyMeeting has been on an integration spree, such as with VMware’s Zimbra collaboration suite, NetSteps, and the Financial Planning Association. This helped not only widen AnyMeeting’s audience, but also expand its range of capabilities, giving it multiple improvements to fuel its growth.

Furthermore, it has added new features to make the online meeting experience simpler and better. With fully-integrated phone and VoIP audio, a content library, and YouTube video playback integration, it has continued to improve and become a leader in the small business web conferencing market.

Not only has AnyMeeting’s customer base grown, but its investors have as well. With new funding from groups such as Sand Hill Angels and Keiretsu Forum, it can continue to explore, enhance, and add new features to improve its web conferencing software as a service.

"We are extremely pleased with the tremendous growth the company has seen over the last two years, especially considering that the majority of that growth has been fueled by organic, word of mouth referrals," says Costin Tuculescu, president and CEO of AnyMeeting, in a statement."Small businesses get excited when they discover all of the features and functionality that we offer, and are compelled to spread the word."

AnyMeeting has done well since it was introduced in 2009, with a free and full-featured web conferencing service for small businesses. Its customers have been appreciative in all that it has to offer, resulting in a massive customer base and a position as a leader in the market. AnyMeeting has proven that web conferencing doesn’t need to be expensive to be just what a business needs.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli