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VCI-Group Announces Leaders Circle for Selected Alliance Members

November 26, 2012

The VCI-Group, the biggest independent group of videoconferencing and visual communications users, has announced the Circle of Leadership product. According to the company, this provides an opportunity for its members to display their products and services to the VCI-Group user community.

Apart from the opportunity to display these products, The Leaders Circle offering provides three-year discounts for vendor memberships. It also provides direct mail offerings to VCI-Group Members.

Other things offered by the company include scheduled NDA-Roadmap presentations to VCI-Group members, access to live webinar series, special introductions to member buyers and purchasing organizations, special VCI-Group website logo placement, and special product announcements and press releases.

For its 700 user member community, it also provides special beta product testing and reviews.

“We have over 700 user members around the world, and our community is over 5000,” said Todd Hughes, chairman of the VCI-Group Marketing Committee. “We created the Leaders Circle offering to give some of our Alliance vendor members an opportunity to be well positioned with our user community so that whenever our user members are buying new visual communications products and services, they will give these Alliance vendor members special consideration.”

Shaping the Visual Communications Industry, The VCI-Group is the knowledge-sharing community. It includes 750+ end-users and vendors who concentrate on telepresence, videoconferencing, collaboration technology and/or unified communications (UC).

To create implementation strategies and/or support the technology, membership includes individuals from companies that make visual communications buying decisions or recommendations, the company has stated.

Recently, the company announced it will host an exploratory meeting to examine the advantages of starting and supporting the formation of user groups for various vendors, products and services inside the videoconferencing industry.

The VCI-Group influences the Visual Communications Industry. Concentrating on videoconferencing, telepresence, UC and/or collaboration technology, it includes more than 450 end-users and vendors.

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Edited by Braden Becker