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LifeSize Releases UVC Manager and Makes its UVC Platform More Flexible Than Ever

November 07, 2012

Video infrastructure just got a little more simple and flexible, thanks to LifeSize. With the enhancements to the LifeSize UVC Platform, announced today, it now supports Microsoft Hyper-V across the whole platform, as well as improved video capabilities and the LifeSize UVC Manager, a new video management application.

The new platform helps customers deploy video infrastructure on LifeSize hardware or in a virtualized environment. Users have complete control over which applications they want active, the accessible features, and how much capacity it has. No more need for fixed configurations or separate hardware boxes for every single application; it’s a far more flexible, customizable, and affordable model.

With the LifeSize UVC Manager, users can simplify the management of their video networks, monitoring and scheduling calls, while upgrading up to hundreds of devices with greater ease than ever before. It sits on the UVC platform, like any other UVC application, and uses a single, intuitive interface for all controls.

The LifeSize UVC Video Center has also been enhanced, with closed captioning for multiple languages, double the capacity limit, and support for Blackboard Learn. Of course, the UVC Video Center still has its praised ability for any standards-based endpoint to dial in and use its recording and streaming capabilities.

“UVC is the answer to so many IT challenges,” says Michael Helmbrecht, LifeSize’s VP and general manager of video solutions. “We’ve spoken to hundreds of IT leaders who tell us the same thing. They are not looking for a one-size-fits-all solution, they are looking for ways to use their existing resources to grow as they need to grow. Our approach is not only simpler, more flexible and less time-consuming for IT, it ultimately results in a better quality of experience for users and that is always our end goal.”

Version 2.1 of the LifeSize UVC Video Center might cost a pretty penny, starting under $10,000, but it does come with quite a lot. For those who just want the UVC Manager, though, it’s a more affordable $399. Either way, LifeSize’s customers will appreciate all the improvements it’s made, as well as the flexibility and capabilities it provides.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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