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eVoice Launches Cloud-Based Web Conferencing Service

September 19, 2012

Employees of small businesses and freelance professionals often need to move between different offices and collaborate with remote teams to carry out their assignments.

Recognizing this growing trend, eVoice, a virtual phone number service offered by j2 Global Inc., has come up with a Web conferencing feature usable by freelancers and small businesses to collaborate with multiple parties, conduct virtual online meetings, and easily share their desktops.

eVoice Web conferencing  provides a full featured communication solution that brings mobility to the meeting room and helps businesses operate professionally, efficiently and without the boundaries of time and location.

In a survey of small- to medium-sized businesses on Web conferencing, 77 percent respondents quoted the ability to involve more people, and save travel cost and travel time as key reasons behind the demand for Web conferencing solutions.

As telecommuting is a growing trend in the workforce, Web conferencing has become a critical piece to any business communications strategy.

eVoice WebConferencing eliminates the limitations of location and travel time and offers several useful communication  management features to mobile professionals. Call screening allows users to hear the name of the person calling so they can decide to pick up or transfer the call to voicemail, thus giving them greater control over their time and productivity by prioritizing their calls.

A cloud-based phone system provides a business phone number, with professional greetings and menus that route calls to cell phone, home or office – 24/7. Its Go VoIP is a virtual phone system with a VoIP app that can automatically transfer calls from network carrier to the Internet whenever Wi-Fi is available, helping them stay connected in service dead zones or rural areas just as well.

Additionally, Web conferencing can turn desktop or laptop into a mobile office that allows professionals to maintain business class communications from any location. They can give live demonstrations, share and exchange files, and collaborate on documents with multiple participants.

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Edited by Braden Becker