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InterCall Selects MoreVRP Software for its Hosted Online Virtual Events

August 28, 2012

InterCall, a conferencing and collaboration service provider, reportedly deployed MORE’s MoreVRP data performance optimization software so that its hosted online virtual events have optimal QoS.

MoreVRP will be utilized by InterCall to distribute and monitor database resources in real time during the most demanding workloads to deliver superior experience to clients’ virtual event participants and also avoid service disruptions.

InterCall will also be able to enjoy sophisticated yet easy-to-use real-time and historical database performance analysis features, including advanced drill-down and graphing capabilities, and highly customizable reporting options.

“MoreVRP enables us to maintain the seamless service availability and uncompromising quality of service that our valued clients depend on us for, and allows us to scale our virtual event services to accommodate unprecedented numbers of event attendees without straining our database infrastructure,” remarked Mike Nessler, executive vice president of event services at InterCall.

More IT Resources (MORE) exclaimed that it develops sells and maintains the state-of-the-art Virtual Resource Partitioning software solution MoreVRP, a unique approach to IT application, database and system resource management by optimizing resource allocation in real time at the OS transaction level to perfect IT performance.

Quick to install and easy to use, MoreVRP is slated to enable InterCall enhance its  IT system performance, availability, stability and HW and SW utilization, reducing downtime and ensuring maximal quality of service (QoS) for its mission-critical applications.

InterCall was reportedly able to put MoreVRP into full production in its Oracle environment in a matter of hours, with no changes required to the underlying database or operating system code. And InterCall’s own OLTP system maintained continuous operations throughout the process.

Recently, InterCall released HD video capabilities for its Webcast Studio platform and MORE updated MoreVRP instantaneous operating system.

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Edited by Braden Becker