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Roomlinx Continues Its Deployment Efforts within Hyatt Properties

July 19, 2012

The advent of advanced technological solutions and services has been benefitting the hotel and hospitality sector in a number of ways. Apart from various solutions for customer care and billing, a large number of enhanced offerings are being developed that allow the travelers to enjoy their own choice of entertainment, whenever they want it.

Roomlinx, Inc., a provider of interactive TV or ‘iTV’ applications for the hospitality industry serving the United States, Canada and selected global markets; has announced that as a part of an agreement, it will continue its efforts for the deployment of its solutions within Hyatt properties.

Based in Broomfield, CO; the company offers a wide range of property service solutions such as infrastructure development services and revenue generating business services. Providing enhanced in-room technology to the hotel and resort properties of Hyatt, it has introduced iTV Platform 3.0 that seamlessly integrates HD TV technology with the Internet, PC functionality and Video on Demand or ‘VoD’ options.

Across the North American region, Roomlinx has continuously been installing its solutions, while some of them have already been completed in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans and Denver. A comprehensive site survey had been carried out at each of these locations before the installation, followed by establishment of system requirements, designing optimal networks, and offering support after the installation as well. The company has been supporting services in more than 4,000 Hyatt rooms and has carried out more than 100 of 136 property site surveys.

“As we grow, we’re creating efficient processes and scalable programs that let us support the brand’s objectives while positioning Roomlinx for long-term growth and success,” commented Michael Wasik, chief executive officer at Roomlinx. “As the Hyatt deployment continues, we’re also gaining traction with several marketing initiatives that will provide direct benefits to hotel owners. By offering hoteliers new ways to increase revenues, demonstrate differentiation and strengthen guest loyalty, we’ll establish Roomlinx as not only the best-in-class guest experience but also the most profitable in-room entertainment system in the industry.”

In June 2012, Roomlinx Inc., completed the installation of its innovative iTV system at Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center, a 450-room luxury hotel in the Mile High City. The Roomlinx iTV system allowed Hyatt to replace its old-fashioned pay-per-transaction Video on Demand or ‘VoD’ service with a high speed Internet integrated solution.

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