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Polycom Unveils New Corporate Brand Identity

May 29, 2012

Polycom, Inc. has unveiled its latest corporate brand identity, following the decision to undergo a key brand makeover for the first time since its launch more than two decades ago.

The firm’s gradual change into a major software company has been highlighted by the latest corporate brand, a testament to the company’s swift advances in UC and video association.

"We believe Polycom is at the forefront of driving the best UC and visual collaboration experiences in the industry,” said Andy Miller, CEO at Polycom. “Our innovations have literally made location irrelevant and changed the way the world works. Just as our company has evolved, so too must our brand evolve to reflect the impact of our innovation and the value it brings to our more than 400,000 customers."

According to Miller, organizations consider video association with utmost importance as it has altered the manner in which companies work, develop and design, study, manage governments, shelter citizens and save lives. Polycom aims to make video association omnipresent; hence it is offering software-based solutions for mobile, social and cloud platforms.

The company also aims to drive interoperability and expand the reach of video by teaming up with its estimated 7,000 associates.

"Polycom and the industry have evolved considerably since the introduction of our original brand identity more than 20 years ago,” said Kate Hutchison, CMO at Polycom. “Today, Polycom is leading the industry in creating open, standards-based video collaboration experiences that remove the barriers of distance and time, connect experts where they're needed most, and create trust and understanding through high-definition, face-to-face connections. Our new corporate brand identity reflects our company's software focus and our brand promise: to create experiences that push the greatness of collaboration forward."

Interested parties can watch the latest brand identity of Polycom at its global websites in real time. Polycom software, which powers mobile video association tablets, smartphones and laptops along with Web-based and social applications, can now be used to view the latest Polycom brand.

A variety of other well-known settings, like immersive telepresence theaters, conference rooms and desktop solutions in the office, will also be representing the company brand.

Edited by Braden Becker