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Easymeeting's Fourteen Day Trial is a Success

May 21, 2012

Recently, Easymeeting announced that customers would have the chance to evaluate its products for free for a limited time, without obligation. Easymeeting’s "easyConference" is a video conferencing as a service product that caters to the needs of small and medium companies. The company has also introduced the ‘Taste It’, campaign to let users looking to save time, money and increase their productivity to implement video meetings into their everyday business communications practice.

Recently, the company announced that its videoconferencing as a service offering was a success. The company has also introduced the 14 Day Trial program to their global channel partners. This allows companies to register at a particular destination to evaluate the easyConference service.

The service lets conventional video conferencing systems and mobile devices (iPhone PC/Mac and IPADs) to easily communicate in a virtual conference room. Easymeeting´s easyExperts will provide easy user training to show all the salient features and advantages of the easyConference service and other services and products that are available from easymeeting.net. All these products come without the obligation to purchase, the company stated in a press release.

“Where we are in today´s market with regard to videoconferencing - as few have experienced the great benefits that video conferencing provides business of all sizes and needs, it was critical to allow those kicking the tires and those not yet kicking those proverbial tires to have a free no obligation trial of our services with no strings attached,” said Evan J. Andriopoulos of easymeeting.net.

Recently, TMC reported that the company expanded its operations to California. The company is also hiring Gary Luhrman to look after market development in the Silicon Valley area. Easymeeting.net provides HD videoconferencing solutions that beam across crystal clear pictures and sounds to users. The solutions provided by the company are compatible with video systems, desktop PCs and Macs, as well as iPad and iPhone.

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