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Fontel Offers Instant Rebate on Yamaha Conferencing-Capable Projectphones

May 08, 2012

Fontel, a provider of communications solutions, has recently announced a new promotion for its Yamaha Projectphone line of products through the authorized resellers/integrators to the end users.  Fontel’s Yamaha promotion is an instant rebate on the PJP-10UR, PJP-20UR and PJP-50USB. 

The Yamaha PJP-10UR is light weight, durable, and designed to support Web conferencing needs of a professional business traveler. The sleek designed device has a sturdy aluminum body and weighs 7.4 oz. The PJP-10UR high performance adaptive echo cancellation technology eliminates all sounds generated by the device, which eliminates the potential of audio echoing.

Another Yamaha Projectphone, PJP-20UR has a wide bandwidth microphone speaker which provides HD (from 300Hz) clarity, and each device is built with three unidirectional microphones and one 85 dB speaker.  The Yamaha PJP-20UR offers mic and audio sound coverage in average size conference room environments, providing coverage for an area of up to 20 feet (10 foot pick up range in all directions from the device) supporting up to a 400 square foot room.  Four of the PJP-20UR's can be connected together in order to support larger conference room environments.  The PJP-20UR is powered through the PC USB cable connection, eliminating the need for an AC power connection.

Lastly, Yamaha’s PJP-50 USB is a conference microphone speaker with built in high performance echo canceller.  When connected to a PC with a USB or audio cable, the PJP-50USB enhances softphone or Web conferencing system for a multiperson response that is as smooth as video conferencing.  The USB cable connection is easy to use.  Eight of the PJP-50USB's high sensitivity microphones achieve equivalent or better audio pickup than twice the number of conventional mics.  The PJP-50USB also supports HD audio codecs including AAC-LD.

To find out more information about Fontel’s Yamaha Projectphone product line, click here.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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