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ePlus Technology's Managed Services Now Includes Video Conferencing Management

April 30, 2012

ePlus Technology, inc., an ePlus subsidiary has announced the expansion of its Managed Services offering. The company has reportedly added video management capabilities to its managed service portfolio.

Video conferencing is becoming increasingly pervasive, but many organizations still lack the infrastructure or capabilities to manage the technology internally. With the inclusion of video management capabilities into its managed service portfolio, ePlus will be able to help its clients reduce their IT costs. With the addition of video management capabilities, ePlus’ managed service offering now covers almost all aspects of a company’s IT infrastructure including network components, servers (physical and virtual), private clouds, unified communications, storage, security, and more. By providing all these services, including managed video services from the same console, ePlus customers are expected to keep their IT performances at the peak, affordably.

“Video conferencing solutions are being widely adopted in the marketplace, with the use of video becoming pervasive across our customer base. While many organizations are implementing video conferencing, many lack the tools or capabilities to manage the technology internally. By providing Managed Video Services from the same management console we currently use, ePlus delivers cost-effective collaboration support of complex, dynamic, and highly-integrated solutions across multiple manufacturers,” vice president of business development at ePlus Technology Kevin Detsch, noted in a statement.

ePlus' Managed Video Services support Cisco and Crestron solutions, including TelePresence, digital media solutions, and collaboration architecture support.

Earlier ePlus Technologies achieved Cisco Cloud Builder designation within the Cisco Cloud Partner Program. The designation qualifies ePlus to sell and implement Cisco end-to-end cloud solutions. As a Cisco designated Cloud Builder Partner, ePlus has met the required competencies across all cloud infrastructure components (security, networking, compute, storage, and virtualization solutions), cloud management applications, and a formal cloud professional services practice, the company announced in other news.