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113 of the Russian Federation State Arbitration Courts Now Have Polycom HD Videoconferencing

December 16, 2011

In cases where parties are unable to attend court proceedings in person at the Russian Federation State Arbitration Courts, videoconferencing solutions from Polycom, Inc. are being used to help them be virtually present. New videoconferencing endpoints have already been introduced in 77 additional courts. This project is estimated to have cost around RUB 91,971,000, which is the equivalent to (US$2.9M) and the job was completed in six months. There are a total of 113 courts that now have these videoconferencing abilities. Polycom is one of the leading international organizations dealing with standards-based unified communications.

In a release, Igor Solovyev, Head of the IT and Communications Office at the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, said, "State arbitration courts often have to postpone proceedings due to the inability of either party to attend. Advanced technology has allowed for a dramatic reduction in both the time and costs associated with such postponements, with litigants now being able to file a petition for holding proceedings via the videoconferencing system. The state arbitration courts are required to ensure litigants participate in the courts proceedings if videoconferencing is available."

Some of the videoconferencing endpoints that have been installed in 2010 are Polycom's HDX video systems and 52-inch professional HD LCD panels. You will also find document cameras, and videoconferencing sessions recording and playback devices. All of these come together to provide the videoconferencing server equipment that is currently placed in the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation. All this ensures that the geographic reach of the videoconferencing abilities increase double-fold. This project makes use of a data transport network that has been created by ZAO Synterra. In fact, this alone can become the basis of the court's multi-service data network going forward.

Sergey Khomyakov, Russian country manager, Polycom, said, "Polycom's support of the H.264 HD High Profile video protocol reduces the consumption of communication channel bandwidth as much as 50 percent during video conferencing sessions, enabling numerous simultaneous multipoint HD sessions with enterprise-class HD quality. In addition, Polycom videoconferencing solutions have an intuitive interface and central control option, making them easy to use and manage. Ease of use ensures that more people actually use the systems, which is why Polycom solutions used by our customers typically pay for themselves within a few months."

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