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Advanced Telecommunications Introduces Cisco TelePresence Service in the Ukraine

December 14, 2011

Business-oriented telepresence systems create real-time video conferencing environments and improve communication experiences of users over different networks. Many companies are adopting these innovative telecommunication products and services which contribute to reduce their carbon footprints and operational costs. With the adaptation of the right telepresence systems, enterprises can enjoy the benefits of much lower cost of communication.

With the goal to deliver high quality telecommunication services, Advanced Telecommunications Ltd. has introduced its first Public Cisco TelePresence service in the Ukraine. This announcement has been made by Cisco Systems, an American networking company. Cisco TelePresence helps companies in the Ukraine to improve their productivity and global communications, reduce their carbon footprint and lower travel expenses. This service includes real-time video, audio and interactive technologies and offers a face-to-face meeting experience.

This service can comfortably set up calls with 18 people sitting in different locations. This service is suitable for large team meetings, business meetings, trainings and classroom events. According to a press release, the system can be connected to Tata Telecommunications’ Global GME Telepresence network, which includes 36 public systems all around the world.  

Oleg Bodnar, general manager, Cisco Ukraine said, “Today’s business environment requires companies to be connected and collaborate within their own organizations and across supply chains. With the launch of Advanced Telecommunications’ innovative Cisco TelePresence service, Ukrainian companies can now enjoy a live, face-to-face virtual meeting experience – around the globe.”

Consumers who want to connect with Cisco TelePresence rooms can take the service of leading telecommunication international service providers including AT&T, BT, Orange, Verizon, Telefonica and National Lambda Rail. Currently, Cisco TelePresence meeting rooms are available at leading educational and scientific institutions, as well as the corporate Cisco TelePresence network.

Victor Kobrin, CTO of Advanced Telecommunications said, “We are very proud of the fact that we are the first provider to establish a public Cisco TelePresence room in Ukraine and the CIS. We have ambitious plans for development and to become a leader in the Ukrainian telepresence market.”

Cisco TelePresence offers a live, real-time, face-to-face, consistent communication experience over the network for users. With this service people can meet, share content or consult with experts, with the sensation of being seated around the same table.

In other company news, Conferencing reported that Cisco unveiled CloudVerse Framework to enable cloud service providers to build, manage and connect public, private and hybrid clouds.

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