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LifeSize Hops on iPhone 4S Train with Enterprise-Class Video Conferencing

October 04, 2011

Today’s long-awaited iPhone announcement put rumors to rest that there would, in fact, be a next-generation platform and smartphone coming to market, and it’s no surprise that many companies have planned ahead for their own support.

A pioneer in high-definition video collaboration, LifeSize Communications, a division of Logitech, has revealed that its LifeSize ClearSea, an enterprise-class desktop and mobile video conferencing platform, now supports iOS 5 and will soon back the new iPhone 4S, allowing users to instantly connect from an iPhone 4S to any standards-based video conferencing system.

According to a press release, LifeSize ClearSea will support the Apple iPhone 4S, come November 2011.

Since Logitech’s acquisition of mobile video solutions provider Mirial this summer, LifeSize has managed to stay ahead of the competition in bringing open, interoperable video collaboration products to any user, any location, and on any device. With a wide range of video calling apps available on iOS and Android-based mobile devices from the likes of Dell, Google, Apple, HTC, Samsung and Motorola, LifeSize has secured its position as the only vendor in the enterprise video conferencing market to provide natively interoperable video calling from the conference room to the PC and Mac, as well as to iOS 5 and a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

"For years the market has struggled to deliver interoperable video conferencing solutions to mobile devices - the experience has been far from the simplicity of a voice call," said Craig Malloy, chief executive officer of LifeSize and Logitech senior vice president, in a statement. "At LifeSize, driving relentless innovation is in our DNA. We know enterprise users, ourselves included, want the ease of making a video call anywhere at any time on any device. With today's iPhone 4S announcement, we're making that possible and changing the video calling landscape - all while maintaining enterprise-class quality."

LifeSize ClearSea is built as an open platform so users can easily connect from their desktops or mobile devices to any H.323 or SIP-based video conferencing system or infrastructure solution.

Available now, LifeSize ClearSea is available around the world for approximately $8,000. A free trial can be downloaded here.

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