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The Conferencing Zone Week in Review: Blueface, Suirui, and More

March 25, 2018

Conferencing has taken on a whole new level of personalization, bringing clients and employees together in a way never before believed possible. People do not even have to be in the same country to feel as though they are one, sharing the same experience, thanks to consistent innovations. The Conferencing Zone saw the arrival of AI to conferencing while Blueface introduced its easy-to-use video conferencing platform. In case you missed any of it, this is the perfect time for The Conferencing Zone Week in Review.

The week started with Suirui launching its new cloud video conferencing hardware for Zoom Rooms, fueled by Intel vPro technology. “Our Intel Core vPro processors are built for business, powering remote manageability and security. As a result, IT can maximize uptime in meeting rooms with remote troubleshooting capability while helping keep the data shared in meeting rooms secure,” said Stephanie Hallford, vice president and general manager of Business Client Platforms at Intel Corporation. “We are pleased to work with Suirui and Zoom Video Communications to provide comprehensive value to customers across collaboration and IT management and security.”

BlueJeans has continued to evolve its video communications solution since its creation in 2011. A lot of it has to do with Cisco and Microsoft changing and the general business confusion and frustration over what choice is the right one. “People aren’t sure if they want to move to Teams, or they don’t really understand what Teams is really going to be,” shared Mark Strassman, chief product officer at BlueJeans.

More Zoom news and announcements! DTEN and Zoom Video Communications have teamed up for the creation of Board for Zoom Rooms. This new offering is an interactive, adaptive, comprehensive whiteboard for intelligent, face-to-face encounters with cohesive AI technology. “Zoom is here to take the work out of meetings,” said Oded Gal, head of product management for Zoom. “Working with DTEN is a great way to do that. Teams across the globe are empowered like never before with a new way to collaborate together, as if they were in the same room, instantly and seamlessly every time.”

Finally, Blueface has announced its launching a new video conferencing service utilizing WebRTC technology. The new offering is called Blueface Video Conferencing and requires no downloads. While introducing this new offering, Alan Foy, Chief Executive of Blueface, said: “We looked at what was available in the market, and decided to build our own video collaboration platform. This new service will be a game changer for Blueface in Europe, as the market has been underserved with video conferencing services. Ultimately this is a brand new product for European customers, and we think they will definitely embrace it.”

And that is all for The Conferencing Zone but make sure to come back early and often next week for more news and announcements you won’t want to miss. 

Edited by Erik Linask