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Cisco Changing Education via Video Conferencing

February 08, 2018

Education is evolving and one of the primary reasons is the adoption of video conferencing. It allows students to get up close and personal with experiences and professionals they otherwise would not be able to. This is the case at the Beeghly College of Education at Youngstown State University in Ohio.

Starting in the spring 2018 semester, Cisco Spark Technology will be implemented at BCOE. Within this technology is an app, allowing students to work together on assignments via text, phone and video chat. All of the technology utilized is part of the Classroom of the Future initiative, designed to ensure up and coming teachers are fully prepared for the schooling environment of the future.

“This initiative is in response to Dr. Chander Kohli’s generous gift of $1.1 million towards a technology-enabled classroom,” said James Yukech, associate vice president and chief information officer at YSU.

Yukech added that another goal is to expand the classroom “beyond the four walls” as all the video will be recorded and available for future review. The videos will also permit remote and global students access to the YSU course portfolio. Additionally, those who cannot take advantage of the study abroad program will be able to video conference with international students, as well. 

There are six colleges that make up the YSU campus and the hope is to install a minimum of one unit by summer 2018.

“We plan to use this unit for training, as well as for collaboration with other universities,” Yukech added.

This will not just be used in colleges; BCOE’s associate dean, Mary Lou DiPillo and Gene Soltis, information system coordinator aim to partner with K-12 schools. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle