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Tech4Teams Brings Simplicity to Meetings

January 16, 2018

1 plex announced a new Tech4Teams website, created specifically to display new, innovative collaboration products and solutions. The new site includes a featured UC store as well as a blog and an About us section to better understand the concept behind Tech4Teams.

“We work quite heavily in the meeting room space and have installed many meeting room solutions. Being experts in this field and having come across a lot of brilliant, niche products, we wanted to share this valuable information and so launched Tech4Teams,” shared Karen Bolam, Marketing Manager for 1 plex, a company dealing heavily with Skype 4 Business. 

One of the featured products is a Meeting Room in a Box, containing everything needed to execute a proper meeting, taking into consideration three room sizes. There is the executive/small fitting up to six users; medium fitting seven to 12; and the large, fitting 13 to 26 users. Included in all boxes:

  • a screen
  • speaker
  • microphone
  • camera with cable management solution (all necessary cables, adapters, extensions, etc)
  • optional screen stand, feet, castors

"We have this knowledge and decided to take that pain away by offering a ‘Meeting Room in a Box’ solution which provides absolutely everything you need to create your very own meeting space. By offering this solution we hope to knock down some of the barriers that stop organizations from being able to communicate and collaborate effectively,” added Bolam.

Right now, the ‘Meeting Room in a Box’ is the fuel to the fire for the new site. The fact that it is a single cable solution is an added perk, says Bolam. Also available for purchase are Plantronics and Konftel speakers; AudioCodes IP phones; headsets; status display lights; and more. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle