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Zoom and OpenExchange Partner Up

January 12, 2018

Zoom and OpenExchange have partnered to establish a videoconferencing option created specifically for financial service organizations. Together, the companies have built a feature-rich, safe and flexible cloud videoconferencing service.

The features and benefits from this joint venture include Zoom’s cloud video communications platform. This encompasses HD video, audio, web conferencing, chat, and webinars, all seamlessly connected through conference rooms, desktops, telephones, and mobile devices. Additionally, Zoom brings along speech-to-text recording transcription, screen sharing, co-annotation, and white boarding.

As for OpenExchange, users benefit from its global video exchange, bringing the safest, classified and reliable videoconferencing solution. There will also be access to OpenExchange’s Global Connected Network of over 1,500 public companies, intermediaries, and institutional investors. This allows employees and management connectivity to experts globally through the cloud.

"This partnership comes at the perfect time in OpenExchange's growth. The majority of our high-value meetings use classic video conference room set-ups, but we are seeing a significant increase in joining from the desktop. Partnering with Zoom will make it easier than ever for investors to meet with corporate management teams, industry experts, and leading research analysts with the click of a button," said Mark Loehr, Chief Executive Officer of OpenExchange. "As adoption in the financial services industry continues to accelerate at a rapid pace, integrating Zoom into our managed video service offering allows us to better serve the growing and changing needs of Wall Street."

Last year was an extremely beneficial year for both OpenExchange and Zoom. OpenExchange experienced 50 percent growth in video meetings, while virtual meetings saw a doubling in attendees. As for Zoom, it landed a $100 million Series D funding round thanks to Sequoia, created several partnerships, hosted a user conference call Zoomtopia, and revealed triple-digit year-over-year revenue and customer growth.

"The goal of this partnership is to help financial institutions leverage Zoom with the best possible user experience. A strength of both of our companies is developing frictionless video communications environments that 'just work,'" said Eric S. Yuan, Founder and CEO of Zoom. "So it was natural that we would come together with OpenExchange – whom I'm also proud to call a Zoom customer – to deliver managed video services to our customers."

Edited by Erik Linask