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Video Conferencing Gives Girl Scouts Mentors

December 27, 2017

A hot topic in recent years in technology is the gender gap. Simply put, the presence of powerful women is somewhat lacking. While, this gap is shrinking – slow and steady mind you, but shrinking – there is generation of young ladies taking cues from some of industry’s most influential woman. And video conferencing is at the crux.

The Girls Scouts of Northern California are putting technology to work to enable a virtual retreat, leveraging video conferencing as a key component of Camp CEO – a three-day event that includes gardening, rope course and live video conferences with high profile female executives.

Taking advantage of available technology is not new to the Girl Scouts, as for some time the Northern California branch has used video conferencing for its planning and administrative meetings.

The beauty in selecting video conferencing is the cost cutting – no travel expenses for the not-for-profit organization. In regard to Camp CEO, attendees gain the opportunity to meet mentors and industry influencers they’d otherwise only read about.

Camp CEO is just the beginning for these fledgling bonds, as over time these relationships are fanned and fostered via regular video conferences. Be it one-on-one or the entire troop, the invaluable insight allows these future business leaders to stand on the shoulders of giants, reaching toward new and exciting opportunities, and shattering the glass ceiling.

Video conferencing deployments are as comprehensive or minimal as you wish. From setting up an elaborate conference room, to a team member joining a conference from her smartphone or laptop, this transformational technology is only a few clicks away.

While many of us know the not-for-profit for its scrumptious cookies, let’s not forget the Girl Scouts are shaping our future leaders. 

Edited by Mandi Nowitz