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Anchorage to See Open of First Telemedicine Clinic

December 08, 2017

Alaska is a beautiful and majestic state, but it’s called “The Last Frontier” for a reason. The frontier is full of opportunity, but this unforgiving territory is fraught with danger. Many Alaskans live in areas where medical services are simply not available, so when disaster strikes medical care can be hard to come by. Combating the issue is telemedicine, a growing trend that is bringing together patients and caregivers to aid in closing the coverage gap.

As of Monday December 11, 2017, Alaska will see its first telemedicine clinic and kiosk service open in downtown Anchorage. The walk-in clinic allows patients quick access to medical professionals for diagnoses, and if further medical expertise is needed conferencing technology can help save the day.

“Our new paradigm of telemedicine integrates state-of-the-art medical services with high-tech communications and remote access to medical providers,” says Dr. Wade Erickson, M.D. who started Capstone Family Medicine in the Mat-Su in 2003. “Our healthcare vision at Capstone has been the contouring of quality, responsive healthcare with accessibility and modern technology. The new telemedicine clinic affords tourists, mall employees, downtown workers, and shoppers of all ages the benefit of fast, effective treatment in a location where there are no other viable medical service options within the central city grid.”

The Capstone Express Clinic is located in the Fifth Avenue Mall, and its hours will work in according to mall hours. And, Capstone plans to continue opening new locations across the state to extend the availability of much needed medical services.

It is amazing that 2017 millions of people around the globe struggle to find sufficient medical care. Technology is opening new lines of communications, high-quality interactions empowering telemedicine to continue its mission and save lives here in the United States, and around the globe.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz