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VideoCentric Unveils DaaS Program

November 09, 2017

Today’s SaaS-tastic reality is transformational in a number a ways. Probably the most impactful is the growing prevalence of the subscription-based model. There’s something to be said for predictable expenses, lower cost and lessened risk.

This week, VideoCentric announced its newest venture, a Device-as-a-Service program, which provides organizations with all the WOW of an exceptional video conferencing deployment at a reasonable monthly cost.

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In creating the program, VideoCentric is enabling a new way of support and device management. The concern of technology depreciation is alleviated, as the DaaS model delivers end-to-end customer coverage – from rollout until upgrade and recycling. And, is something simply stops working, VideoCentric will resolve the matter. 

“Organizations are already seeing a dramatic shift across other IT technologies from transactional sales to on-demand services, and so we wanted to offer customers the opportunity to optimize operations and investments in video conferencing and collaboration solutions too. Being smart in business is about achieving value from an investment. Our DaaS programme ensures that we provide the highest quality experience at every level, so that customers achieve optimal value and meet their own business outcomes,” commented Emily Shimell, Communications Manager at VideoCentric.

With the subscription, companies gain access to the LifeSize service, connected phones and HD cameras, as well as maintenance, training and installation. As mentioned above, companies can predict cost, and subscribers can customize deployments based on budget, requirements and timing.

“We are very excited about this VideoCentric initiative to further expand the opportunities for customers to procure and utilize the Lifesize service to best suit their business needs,” commented Andy Nolan Vice President Sales Northern Europe at Lifesize.

As far as plans go, there are a number of options, which plays into one of the strongest points of the SaaS model – choice. Take what you want, leave the rest. Enjoy the flexibility this future-forward technology enables.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz