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Scrambl3 Sets Bar for Security in Conference Calling

October 27, 2017

USMobile announced Scrambl3, formerly Scrambl3 VPN, a patent pending Conference Call platform. The Scrambl3 aims to avoid security flaws and backdoors present in other phone systems, including VoIP networks and encrypted mobile apps. For definitive privacy, a mobile number or access to personal cell phone contacts are not required for signup.

Scrambl3’s design is to protect its customers from surveillance and espionage.

“Only Scrambl3 creates a Top Secret-grade Virtual Private Network, completely outside of and separate from the public telephone system. In this unique way, communication is made invisible to those who wish to intercept it,” said USMobile CEO, Jon Hanour.

So, what is new about the Scrambl3 (VPN)? A lot! Most importantly, 100 percent of the calls and messages are protected inside the VPN tunnel using the app, which can be downloaded on both iOS and Android platforms with fast and anonymous signup within the app. Also, users cannot be logged into two devices at once; the moment a user is logged in on a second device, he is automatically logged out of the previous one. This erases the fear of leaving the app open for someone else to see and utilize. It also serves as a notification should unauthorized users try to log into the account.

Scrambl3 currently offers a free two-way VPN calling and messaging app available for download. It is extending the use of a VPN tunnel for mobile voice and message security. Coming in Q1 2018, a full featured conference bridge is provised.

“By placing the encrypted communication inside a Top Secret-grade VPN, an exponential increase in privacy is achieved, so hackers are effectively shut out,” USMobile CTO Brad Arant said.

Scrambl3 provides a free basic services, but enterprises looking for more management and control of their own secure private mobile networks, premium services are on the way.

Will you download Scrambl3 for secure conference calling?

Edited by Erik Linask